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IEN provides customtailor-madeunique Integrated Telecommunication Solutions

ΙEN offers a wide range of high-level technology Services designed and adapted according to the size and complexity of each project, aimed at medium to large companies and international organizations with a worldwide presence as well as businesses that operate in multiple locations.



Design of Telecommunication solutions
The uniqueness of each project and the specificity of each customer’s needs are our inspiration for the preparation and design of High-quality telecommunication solutions, which will be fully harmonized in the operation of the organization aiming in addition to the absolute and complete satisfaction of its requirements.


System Installation and Supervision
IEN Technical expertise and the experience of decades in the Telecommunications Sector guarantee the excellence of the installation Services for any Solution, Telecom System or Applications project we undertake. The system oversight Services included in the installation’s completion frameworks ensure the optimum customization and functionality of the solution at the intended time of implementation.


System Integration
With the integration services it is ensured that the offered telecommunication solution and the new equipment with all its components will be integrated to the fullest extent with the existing infrastructure and systems of the customer.

Integrated Telecommunication Solutions for all industries

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Banking & Trading
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports & Entertainment