At I.E.N. S.A. we commit to the following:

• The services/products that we provide to our customers will fully satisfy and cover their demands as well as the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
• Orders and/or contracts with our customers will be executed exactly as agreed and the Company will perform all its obligations in full.
• Our customers’ continuous and complete satisfaction is our main goal.
• Immediate response to the requests and problems of our customers/partners.
• The constant improvement of the Company’s Quality Management System and operations.

For the implementation of the Quality Policy the Company operates with the following principles:

• Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her own work and is fully informed on the Company’s Quality Management System that is implemented and the objectives/indicators that have been set.
• As a Company, we set objectives, we provide the required resources for achieving them and the results of the statistical analysis we perform are analyzed in the context of our continuous effort to improve the products and services provided to our customers.
• We provide appropriate training to our Company’s staff, as well as suitable equipment and infrastructure for the proper execution of the tasks assigned to them.
• The Company has appointed a Quality Process Manager, who is organizationally independent and has the power to ensure that the QMS is being implemented, as well as to proceed to the corresponding corrective actions, when necessary.
• The suppliers that we collaborate with must comply with the Company’s commitments towards its customer and interested parties.
All the staff and external partners (when necessary) are obliged to implement the Quality Management System falling within the scope of their activities.

The Company’s strategic goals are as follows:

• High returns on business investments derived from the Company’s operations
• The Company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
• Continuous improvement of the Company and its provided services/products
• Competitive products and services
• Ensuring the continuity and availability of the services/products
• Constant monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of operations based on objectives and indicators

On behalf of I.E.N. S.A.

Evangelos Pantelios